Ikuzo: The Map Editor for Travelers & Explorers

Are you are a traveler, a photographer, an explorer? Do you feel frustrated with the Google Maps Editor? Then you will love Ikuzo, the Map Editor carefully designed for you.

With Ikuzo, it is easy to create and update your maps from anywhere, with any device, and to make your travels and explorations much easier to manage.

If you want to collaborate on an itinerary with friends or colleagues, that is also easy to do, and in real-time.

Ikuzo, what does that mean? It’s the Japanese for… let’s go! And that is actually a status you can set on the spots you really want to visit! 😊


Week-end in Nagano


Ikuzo is currently in beta test. It is free and will be free forever for everyone willing to try it now! There are only 200 free accounts available so register quickly before this offer ends.