The Map Editor for Travelers

Ikuzo is the Map Editor for travelers. If your job or hobby depends on managing spots, you will love it!

When you are not home, try Ikuzo for iOS, or Ikuzo for Android (beta version).

How does it work?

Ikuzo focused on personal, and private maps. Therefore, you can create maps, add locations, mark them as To Visit, Visited, or another status, set a type (such as restaurant, waterfall…), add hashtags, drop an image, etc.┬áThat way, those maps will be very convenient to work on, and useful when you are on the go.

Status, Types, Seasons

Attributes for a faster process.

Advanced Filtering

Quick filters to look through your locations.

Import / Export

CSV and Google Maps KML are supported, two-ways.


You can have thousands of spots, it will still be fast!


Add images to your location, to recognize them.


Satellite, Terrain, Dark, and soon more styles to come.


Create itineraries for planning your trips in advance.


You can collaborate on a map and/or an itinerary, in realtime !

Ikuzo is free for now. The web app of Ikuzo and the mobile app are still in active development and there will be an official release in mid-2020. All active accounts will be kept alive, but there will be limited to 500. Hurry up if you want to enjoy Ikuzo for free forever! Thank you.