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Ikuzo is the Map Editor you will love. You can create, add, modify your maps for anywhere, filter them easily, and find the spots you need really quickly. Organizing your trips become really easy, and this Map Editor will follow you everywhere on your trip.


Creating maps and adding locations is very fast and easy. You can add images and information to those locations.


You can filter by type of place (restaurant, school, waterfall, etc), by status (places you went, places you really want to go, etc).


Traveling? Create an itinerary! You can add spots from any map to your itinerary and organize those into a fantastic trip.


Traveling with friends? You can share your map or your itinerary, and work together on it.

Meet Ikuzo

Google Maps is awesome for searching and analyzing data, but Ikuzo will be the Map Editor you use to manage your maps and spots.

Map Editor Spots


Different ways to display the map and your spots are available, but the default one is simple and beautiful. Here is how it looks when you click on a spot. Even though the spot is located in the mountain, you can see the trails leading to it.

Map Editor Filters


If you are a avid traveler, there will be thousand of spots on your map very quickly. This is totally normal with Ikuzo, and it was built to manage exactly this situation. Filters will help you to work on the spots you need at the right moment.

Map Editor Itinerary


Going somewhere this week-end with friends? Create an itinerary, share it with your friends, and you can all use your private maps to add your own spots to that itinerary (which will then be available to them), and organize them together.


Ikuzo is currently in beta test. It is free and will be free forever for everyone willing to try it now and help us by sharing helpful feedbacks. Please contact us at support@ikuzo.app and let's get started.