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Quick Intro to Ikuzo

I would like to introduce how I plan trips with friends.

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Using Ikuzo is very easy, and it has a lot of powerful options which might not be obvious at first.

This tutorial is currently bring written! So everything below are quick notes, but you can actually already have a look at it.

Create Maps

By default, a map "My First Map" is created for you. Right way, you should visit the Settings of your map, to name it better. You can create as many maps as you want! But the idea is to gather the maximum number of spots on the same map, because Ikuzo is very powerful and will you help browsing your spots quickly and effectively.

Add Spots

From Scratch

Drag & Drop

It's possible to drag and drop photos which have GPS in their EXIF. The title will also be used.

From Google Maps

Export GM can create a JSON file from your Google Maps, and that JSON file can be imported in Ikuzo.

From Google Search

Manage Spots

Use Type, Status. In the Description, you can also use hashtags. When you search, your spots will come first.

Advanced Features

Travel Plan

You can plan a trip with someone else. You do not need to share your map (even though, you also could). You create a Travel Plan, share it with your friends, and you can all add spots to this Travel Plan from any of your maps. Your spots of your maps are still private, only what is on the Travel Plan is shared with them.


Use the Moment to add a specific date to your spot, or a recurring one, that will automatically repeat every year.


You can receive emails based on the moment related to your spot.


Ikuzo Pro will allow you to check in realtime the weather for the coming days simply by clicking on the spot.


In Spot Edit Mode:

  • Control + Enter = Save Spot
  • Escape = Cancel Edit

When a Spot is Selected:

  • Arrow keys: Select the nearest spot to the current spot (depending on the direction)
  • e: Edit the spot
  • 1: Set to "Ikuzo!"
  • 2: Set to "To Visit"
  • 3: Set to "Visited"

When adding a spot:

  • Escape: Cancel

Anytime (or when not above):

  • Space: Open the search
  • a: Add a spot
  • f: Display filters
  • s: Display spots list
  • +/-: Zoom